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Spygram, The World's First Secure
'Peep-Messenger', Ensures That
Your Messages Can Only Be Seen
By Your Intended Recipients.
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Spygram's Peep-Messaging (Visual Privacy) is protected by US Patent 9,235,711.

‘Peep’ Your Messages
Patented Visual Privacy protects your messages from over-the-shoulder glimpses and makes it difficult to screen capture.
Leading Edge Security
Designed with security best practices, Spygram implements a proprietary crypto-protocol, which features strong-end-to-end encryption, to protect your messages.
Leave No Trace
Messages never persist and once viewed and expired, disappear permanently. There is absolutely no chance of message recovery.
Face Recognition
Forgot to lock your phone? Turn on Face Recognition to add an extra layer of authentication before you can view your messages.

Protect Your Messages with ‘Peep’-Technology

Secure, Private, Masked, Temporary

Peep-messaging is a new method of reading messages by “peeping” to only reveal and see selected parts of a message, be it pictures or text. Because the recipient must interact with the screen to see the message by tracing their finger to reveal selected areas, this protects the message from others trying to steal an over-the-shoulder glimpse and makes it difficult to screen capture in its entirety.

If You Have A Secret to Share, Spygram Is The Tool For You

Spygram implements a proprietary crypto-protocol, which features strong end-to-end encryption. Additionally, our entire infrastructure and codebase has been independently audited by leading security consultants and verified as a secure platform. Messages and data on our platform and apps never persist and are deleted once their timers expire.

With our proprietary crypto-protocol, all communication data is point-to-point encrypted, ensuring that even we cannot see or access your data in transit and at rest. Additionally, you can remote destroy the messages you have sent at any time regardless of whether they have been opened or not.

Follow these links to read more about Spygram’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Key Features

Email/SMS Support

Send your message to multiple recipients using their Spy ID, email address or phone number.

Send Text & Photos

Send both text and photos (video support coming very soon).

Message Expiry Timer

Control how long your message can be viewed for before disappearing permanently.


Preview Your Message

See how your message looks and is experienced by the receiver before sending.

Encrypted by Default

Each message is encrypted with private keys ensuring only the recipient can unlock it.

Visual Masks

Choose a fun mask to “Peep”-enable your messages and enforce visual privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Spygram?

We believe everyone has the right to private secure communication, free from prying eyes and third parties who want to snoop on your communication.   It’s your communication, you should own and manage it end-to-end.

We accomplish this by designing Spygram with security and privacy in mind holistically throughout the application, complying with privacy by design fundamentals and security best practices, while still focusing on a great user experience.

How does it work?

Sign up takes a few steps.  After signing-up, all your communication (instant messages, pictures supported with video & documents coming soon) sent to other Spygram users always remain private and secure.  Spygram keeps your communication safe by:

  1. Implementing Multi-layered Privacy
    • Patented visual privacy feature that protects the screen from prying eyes and full screen-grabs.
    • Spygram implements a proprietary crypto-protocol which features strong point-to-point encryption. The overall design provides you with protection of your messages while in-transit and at-rest – simply no one other than your intended recipient can view your message.   In addition, the design provides perfect forward secrecy (no one can view previous or future messages even) and deniability (messages you send do not have digital signatures that can be identified as being sent by you).
    • Strong password and optional face-recognition biometrics check before opening messages.
  2. Giving you Control and ensuring Communication is always temporal
    • Your messages are permanently deleted from the server, your device and the recipient’s device after it has been opened (1-minute maximum).
    • Your sent message is permanently removed from the server and client devices if the message has not been opened within 7 days.
    • You can also remotely delete a sent message prior to a recipient opening it.
  3. Being Third-Party Audited

But don’t just take our word that Spygram is secure, Spygram has undergone a full security audit and we’ve worked with leading security experts throughout Spygram’s design and development lifecycle.

How Secure Is Spygram?

We at Spygram, or any government or unauthorized third party for that matter, can never see your messages.  Only your intended recipient can retrieve, decrypt and view your messages.  With complete client-side encryption, even the server that your data is stored on can’t spy on your messages.

Spygram implements a proprietary crypto-protocol, which features very strong end-to-end encryption.   The overall design provides you with protection of your messages while in-transit and at-rest – simply no one other than your intended recipient can view your message.   In addition, the design provides perfect forward secrecy (no one can view previous or future messages even) and deniability (messages you send do not have digital signature that can be identified as being sent by you).

Do my messages really disappear?

Yes.  Your messages are permanently deleted from the server, your device and recipient’s device after the recipient has opened it (1-minute maximum).  Messages are removed if not opened within 7 days.  You can also remotely delete a sent message prior to the recipient opening it. Once deleted, messages can never be recovered.

When should I use Spygram?

Spygram can be used at any time, for any form of communication.  As long as you want to keep your messages private and secure, and free from prying eyes.

Is Spygram really free to use?

Yes! Spygram is free to use to send and receive as many messages to as many contacts as you like and we do not foresee that changing any time soon.

On what devices can I get Spygram?

Spygram is supported on iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.1+ smartphones and tablet devices.

How do I send messages to someone who does not have Spygram?

When composing a message, simply enter their contact information (email or phone number) in the field provided when you send an outgoing message in Spygram, if you text them they will get an SMS text notification saying that you are wanting to send them a message over our app which will then send them a direct link to download Spygram.  You can also send emails the same way, they would get the same message alerting them that they have a message waiting and to download the app.

What are gifts?

Gifts are virtual products in Spygram that have real monetary value. Gifts earned can be redeemed for cash at 50% of their purchase value. For example, if you’ve accumulated gifts valued at a total of $100, we will pay out $50 to you via PayPal. When ready to redeem, please send an email to with your Spygram ID, PayPal ID, and what you’d like to redeem. We will payout within 2-5 business days once we are able to validate your request.

Do I have to use face recognition and how does it work?

Using face recognition is optional and makes the app even more secure before allowing your messages to be open.  To use face recognition is very simple, in Settings turn on “Secure with face recognition”, the app will ask to scan your face, this takes less than 30 seconds to do.  When opening messages, the app will scan your face with the front facing camera on your device before you can view your messages!

How do I block a user from sending me future messages?

In the home screen, or contact’s list, swipe your finger from left to right across the user you’d like to block, then click “Block”.  The user can no longer send you any messages.  You can unblock the user by going to your Contacts, the tapping on the Blocked tab, and clicking unblock.

How do I remotely delete a message I’ve sent?

You can remotely delete a message you’ve sent if the recipient has not yet opened your message. Perhaps you’ve sent it by mistake or changed your mind.  To delete the message, in the Home screen, press and hold down (2 secs) on the sent message until the ‘bomb’ icon appears – then tap the ‘bomb’ icon and the message will be deleted permanently from the server, your device and the recipient’s device.

How can I get help on Spygram?

If you have questions about the app, need some hints and tips, or want to provide us feedback – you can message “SpygramHelp” directly in the app.  You can find Spygram Help in your Contacts List.  For any additional questions, please contact us at

Where can I read Spygram's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Follow the links here to read Spygram’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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